Through all the many paths and pursuits my life has taken, there are a couple of constants: I like to make people happy and I like to know where to find what I am looking for, which leads me here.

I am in NO way a minimalist, nor do I think you have to be one to have a home that works for YOU. So often the organization and design gurus out there promise to help you make sense of your space and your life but offer only one option: less stuff. I don’t think that is true for everyone. For me, less stuff happens sometimes, but that isn’t the only way to organization. The way to long-term sustainable organization is to understand yourself and your natural tendencies and then create a system that works WITH them, not against them!

I think what turns a house into a home is when it reflects the people that live there. If I can create a space and a system that will reflect the people that live in a space, while making it work better for them, that is my happy place. I firmly believe that if your space works for you, you can get on with the business of having your best life, and the world needs more people doing that. So, who wouldn’t want a piece of that? 



Since I clearly want to help you make your home work for you, the only question is: do you want that too? Click here to learn more about what it is like to work with me! 

If you are wondering what makes me different from all the other designers and organizers out there you could always ask my Mom. What she would tell you is I am not a naturally neat person (that would be my sister). Because of that fact much of my childhood and especially my teenage years were spent fighting with my Mom about the state of my room. I figured if it was my room I should be able to keep it how ever I liked, which was usually a lot of piles of things. What can I say, I am fan of horizontal organization. Mom, not so much. Add in a dose of regular teenage hormones and angst and we fought about it--a lot.

Once I was out in my own place I started to want to have a nicer looking (read more like Mom would have liked) space. Weird, huh? The tricky part was that I still didn’t want to get rid of all my stuff. I can be very sentimental and, if I’m being honest, a bit of a pack rat.  (I blame Dad for that trait). Add in city living and the small and often shared space that entails . . . well you can see where I had to learn to get creative with my space and find a way to make it work for ME.  All of this is just a long way to say I have NO judgements about anyone’s space. I don’t think you should thank your possessions and send them away. I don’t think that leads to great spaces, nor is it sustainable for most people. I want to help people by creating a space that works for them, even if it doesn’t make sense to others, not even to Mom.

Design is not just what it LOOKS like, design is how it WORKS.
— Steve Jobs

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