Organizing 101

So you want to get more organized, who hasn’t had that thought! If you have spent your life being disorganized, or messy, you probably think that there is no hope for you, or your space. In that you would be wrong! There is always hope, as long as there is a will there is hope.  Even in the bottom of Pandora’s box there was still hope. So surely you can dig up some hope for your ability to get organized, and stay that way (Psst! that is the really hard part!).

Step One: Decide what or where you want to organize. No, your whole house is not the answer. Think about the area that is the most frustrating to you, or the most often frustrating. Start there. 

Step two: Think about what you would ideally like to happen in that space. Be as specific as you can. Try to think of a typical day and how you interact with the space. What do you want to change?

Then take a few minutes to think about why it makes you want to pull your hair out. Is it the way the space is arranged? Do you have the right furniture pieces for the space? Are you asking the space to do one too many things?  I am all for multifunction spaces, but there may be a limit.

Once you have picked the space that makes you craziest, and have thought up what you want to happen there, take a look at the space. Sometimes it helps to actually take pictures, because we can look past things that we see everyday.  Are there things in the space that don’t go with what you want the space to be about? If so, move them out of there! Can you rearrange the items in the space to make it work better? Do you need a new piece of furniture? or to swap one from somewhere else? 

Try to think out of the box for what could work. If you don’t have an exact piece you want, can something else work that you do have? If not, it might be time to shop a little. 

The last and very important step is to try out your new arrangement for a week or so, and then reevaluate. Hopefully, it has made every day at least a little bit more peaceful and perhaps even joyous!  If it still isn’t working as well as you want, go back to the questions, and see if you can find what the sticking point is.  If you can’t find the solution or you have more spaces than you want to tackle alone, it might be time to seek outside help. Click here to work with me and get you on your way to a happier home!