The 5 categories I use to make filing so easy you actually do it!

I am certain at some point you said to yourself: THIS is the year I get my papers in order. Most likely after you needed something and had to search your whole place to find it while trying to keep the panic of it being lost at bay. Don't worry dearheart, you too can have a filing system that works for you and has nothing to do with alphabetizing! See, I once tried to have detailed files, and I did create pretty filing cabinets and boxes, only to never actually file anything. See, I was trying to do it the "right" way but the right way is oh so wrong if it means it won't work for you! 

Filing is not usually at the top of people's list of good time activities. But being able to locate the record that shows you already paid that bill is so a good time! So after many attempts of trying to make myself do it the right way, I came up with my own much simpler solution. Categories. Here are the 5 I use. You could call them something that means more to you, or add some, the choice is yours, and that is really the point. This makes filing everything way easier, and we all know the easier it is, the more likely it will move from the To Do list to the DONE list! 



1) Home: This is where I keep anything related to my condo. Tax statements, mortgage statements, receipts for work I did on the place. 

2) Utilities: This is the place for any household bills you still get in the mail. I am a big fan of email statements though! Let the cloud store all that, because it is searchable yo! 

3)Insurance: This is for my homeowners and my car insurance. The policies are with the same place so why not keep them all together?

4)Health: This section is for any medical info I have from the past year and all the paperwork they send you for your health insurance plan. Cause i know you didn't read all the details the day it came in the mail, so when you want to check something you know right where it is! 

5)Taxes: This is where I keep the hard copy of all my tax documents from last year when I file. If you are self employed you can keep all your quarterly records here, too, so the end of the year is easy peasy. 

hanging files.jpg

See, with only 5 categories I don't have to really think about where some paper needs to go, so filing is way easier on my brain, which means I don't put it off! I hope you can find some inspiration to get your papers in order this year. You will feel so accomplished for getting that stack of mail into shape, and the next time you need something it will be SOOO much easier. Promise! 

I'd love to hear if you have pick different categories. Let me know in the comments!