The Benefits of a System that Works for Me!

The last few years of paperwork.

The last few years of paperwork.

With Tax day just behind us I have been thinking a lot about paper work. I’ve already talked about my simple filing system and you can read all about it here. That isn’t what has gotten me thinking, not exactly. What has me thinking is my need recently to find some paperwork for the bank. It was such a relief to know that I knew right where it was. I just had to pull out last years file folder and go to the pocket I needed and just like that I was scanning the page to email it off. I slipped the form back in it’s pocket and put the folder back, it took all of 15 minutes, and at least 5 minutes were getting my scanner to do it’s job! 

There have been times in my life when this would have been an all evening ordeal. Going through piles and boxes and then going through a second time because I couldn't find the thing I was looking for. Add in a lot of cursing myself for not putting it in a better place. I do not miss that time, not one bit!  This is why having an organization system that works for me has been such an important achievement. It isn’t just the day to day stuff, though that can’t be discounted, it becomes so obvious to me when I use it to get what I want with ease. 


I certainly didn’t get here in a straight line. I’ve tried lots of different systems over the years. It wasn’t until I started to worry less about what organization “should” be and focus on what I needed to be, for me, did I make some real headway. It isn’t static either. I am the type who is always thinking about something and often if is about how I can improve my systems. Some experiments are total flops, but sometimes they are just the tweak I need to make something work even better for me.  It is such a great feeling to have a space and systems that work for me. I want to help other people who like me weren’t born with the neat nik gene, create the space and systems that will make their lives easier. Save them from at least some of my more painful mistakes. 

What are your paperwork challenges? Does tax time mean stress time? Is there some other area you want me to talk about? Leave me a comment!  Do you know someone who could benefit from this? Please share.