Seasons Change and So Too Must the Closet

Closet before
middle closet

I hope April has treated everyone well and that spring has finally arrived where you are. It’s been a slow start to spring here in Boston, but that only makes it sweeter!  For me the change of seasons is a time to rethink things. Start fresh. Since there is no such thing as too much closet space, or really enough, if you live in a small space, or a historic one, like say Boston, it also means it’s time to switch out the winter clothes for the summer ones! For me that means pulling out the suitcases that live under my bed and taking almost everything out of my closet. I generally try to do this on laundry day, so that I know I have everything in one spot!  

As I pull out all the winter clothes I try to look at items and think about how much I wore them, and if the are still my style. If they aren’t but they are still in good shape, off to the donation box they go (pro tip: keep a donation box going, that way when you decide that something can go, you’ve already got a place to put it). Then I pack all of the sweaters up, add in some cedar pieces to the wooly piles and zip them back up, and under the bed they go again. 

Now that I’ve made some much needed room in the closet I can start dealing with the warm weather clothes. When I pull them out I try to sort them into categories that make sense to me. Work clothes, vs weekend clothes, tops vs bottoms. Future me will be thankful on a work day when rushing to get dressed and out the door. Then all the current items go into the closet, and I relish it’s ohhh so organized look. I know it won’t last forever, so I just bask in a job well done for a minute or five. 


Closet After

What does a new season mean for you and your home? Does it create any new organizational challenges for you? Let me know in the comments!