Organizing Room by Room: The Kitchen

Let's tackle the Kitchen next  since it is a place you spend a lot of your time I bet, and one where it really has to work, so you can work! 

kitchen open.jpeg

The first thing I think about in a new kitchen is what cabinets will be for what. Dishes, cups, pots and pans vs food. (I’ve never had a pantry, but it’d be nice!) Since I am short I like to keep the pots and pans low, so I don’t rick dropping them on my head. That cupboard above the sink? I always put the Tupperware there, that way when it falls, and lets be honest it will at some point, it’s not gonna give me a concussion. Now plates and glasses to me they go either by the dishwasher or near the stove, ease of plating food or ease of putting away clean dishes, you decide. Or if you have a smaller kitchen you can have both! To me the silverware should be near the plates, but I have learned that if I keep reaching to another drawer for something, than clearly that is where it is meant to be. So very often our instinct is right, we have to stop ourselves from complicating things by over thinking, or is that just me? I’ve yet to be blessed with a kitchen that had a lot of drawers, so I keep all the commonly used utensils in a jar on the counter by the stove. This has the added bonus of being in easy reach while cooking. By default this puts the food in the cabinets that are close to the stove and dishes that are still free. In my current kitchen the extra cabinets are being used for tool storage since I don’t have a basement or garage, and the other has cat food and vases and other seldom used items.


 This is how it works for me in my kitchen, how do you set up yours? Are their parts of the kitchen that aren’t working for you? Leave a comment and I can give you some ideas to make your kitchen a better place to cook and eat!