Let me try to guess why you are here: 

  • Is it because you are sick and tired of having to search for the things you need, when what you really need is to get out the door?
  • Or perhaps you are fed up with rebuying things you know you have, but you don’t have time to search for them?
  • Maybe you wish you could invite friends over anytime but you don’t because you don’t like the state you place is in?
  • Were you rushing to work yesterday because you spent forever trying to find your keys....again?
  • You wish your mornings had a little more peace and a little less chaos?
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If you answered YES to any of or all of these, organization is the answer! Now, don’t worry I am not talking about your traditional stuffy organizational plan. I am betting that if you are here, you’ve tried the old way and it hasn’t worked for you. I’m here to give you my personalized no judgement brand of design and organization.  Fear not, I am not your typical designer. I don’t believe minimalism is for everyone, I don’t think it has to be perfect to work, and I love my stuff.  But I also love having a plan for all that stuff and the peace it brings to a space.

Does this sound like the solution you've been looking for? Then you should consider my Design and Organization Intensive

This package includes a one-on-one meeting in your space, so I can fully understand what you need from the space,  what isn’t working for you, and why. I will take measurements and photos, and we’ll discuss what your goals for the space are, and what your challenges have been in the past. 

After the meeting I will create a custom plan for your space that includes:

  •  A Floor Plan with current furniture layout, and the changes I recommend.
  • A Custom Organization Plan designed to meet your needs and goals for the space and your life.
  • A List of Design Suggestions for any products I recommend in either the floor plan or the organizational plan.

This will be delivered to you via email in one week.  Once you’ve made and lived with the changes for a couple a weeks, we can follow up via phone or skype so I can answer any questions or make any tweaks you might need. 

How much will this personalized service and added calm to your life cost? For the first 3 people it will be only $100. After that the rate goes up to $150.

If this sounds like just the thing you need to make your house a bit more of a home, please fill out my contact form Here.